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Friday, 11 January 2019

Recharging at Burasari, Phuket*


Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Ayutthaya & Chiang Mai.

Ayutthaya & Chiang Mai

With the huge suitcase left behind in a storage cupboard somewhere in Bangkok, I feel waaaay more free to travel, although still I’m getting funny looks wandering into check in with three bags and a mini suitcase. I’ve really not yet got the whole travelling gypsy thing down to a tee yet lol.

So I may or may not have been robbed 15,000 Baht in a hotel in Ayutthaya (about £300) but apart from that I loved renting a bike and riding around the different temples and stopping off for fruit and coconuts from the street vendors. I did start to feel a little lonely in the hotel with only the Thai staff (who were amazing and taught me Thai phrases) so booked into my first ever hostel in Chiang Mai.

I searched for the best hostel in Chiang Mai cause I still gotta be a little Boujee loooool and ended up in Hostel by Bed in the Old City which made me adore my stay! It worked out at about £10 a night which is still one of the more expensive hostels and with that I got breakfast and coffee whenever I pleased. It was sooo much better than staying in a hotel and I’m not sure I’m going to go back to hotel stays now. The anxiety of having someone scale the building to get in to my room to kidnap me through the balcony was toooo much. Hahah. At least I know the little noises is just someone else coming in and going to bed and it was perfect cause each bunk had a blackout curtain so I still had enough space to feel like my own. I absolutely recommend this hostel and would defo return.

Chiang Mai was the first time I experienced cooking Thai dishes, I’m trying to master Mango Sticky Rice and Pad Thai and I went to visit the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon, shopped in the night markets, got some incredible massages (I would really recommend Lila’s Thai Massage which is all female ex prisoners and they literally do the most amazing job, they start by washing and drying your feet, give you a towel to wash your hands and face, give you your own locker to leave your belongings, you even get the full massage outfit and figure out how to put on the Thai pants lol with tea, rice cakes and even a key ring to take home afterwards. I paid the equivalent of £6.25 for this whole experience and my masseuse Lee was incredible and my tight shoulders are really feeling the benefits waking up today lol) 

I spent NYE in Chiang Mai and just as the universe works out my best friend and her boyfriend were in Chiang Mai at the exact same time staying in a hostel a 3 minute walk away from mine so we went to the Taipei Gate to let off Chinese lanterns and meditated at the Wat Phra Tao to welcome in 2019. Defo one to remember.

The absolute highlight for me was spending a day with the elephants in the Don Inthanon National Park. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have got so close to these amazing animals let alone gone for a hike through the jungle with them watching them forage and just be allowed to be elephants. The best moment was walking through a stream covered in mud to get to this beautiful waterfall, spend a moment being grateful to actually be in Thailand and feeling so happy and then turning round and seeing a huge Asian elephant about to join you in the water. Happiest moment of my life 😍

I’m so so grateful for my little travels so far and 2019 has got to be good having had a start like that. 

Next stop Pai. 


Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Before and After 2 Weeks in Bangkok.

I’m currently writing this from my plane seat somewhere between London Gatwick and Dubai. I’ve spent the past month selling and getting rid of all my stuff and moving out of my Croydon apartment which I’ve become waaaay too attached to the past 3 years. It’s been embarrassingly emotional. 


Thursday, 20 December 2018

Life Lessons from a Monk& Teaching English.

So imagine yesterday  I decided upon a day trip to the Wat Arun Temple of Dawn instead of attending some random meeting for this dead job. I got fired but I don’t care cause today I met a real life monk and had an hour long conversation with him and that was waaaay more valuable than some dead job.

I took a motorbike all the way there and the temple was stunning. I gonna have to update photos but need to get a laptop since I got rid of mine for no reason other than the minimalist documentary on Netflix lol. 

Anyway, I was wandering back from the temples and remembered on my way about some little place selling 20 baht juices at the door that I wanted to go back and try and since I no longer to rush back for this meeting, I get to be way more open to deciding exactly what I wanna do which is bliss in my opinion. The juice was like some never before seen mix of fruits and flowers and topped with lychees and I asked the woman what was inside. She said it was a meditation centre and invited me in so I wandered in and next thing you know I was face to face with an actual monk who like bowed down to the Buddha statue on his way in and everything and he asked me what I wanna know. I obviously wanted to know everything about life but didn’t know how to say that so just said that I have been practicing meditating but don’t know what it is so he gave me a lesson. I learnt that the aim is not to clear the mind, it is to watch your thoughts and cleanse your mind and it made so much sense. You practice things every day like go to the gym to take care of your body and wash it and feed it but you do nothing for your mind and explained cause and effect situation being the law of nature and I’m sooooo here for it all. These are the type of conversations I adoreeee. 

He told me his story of when he was a CEO in Indonesia making loads of money and exactly what I wanna be basically and then he moved to Thailand to become a monk and had to spend 2 years alone in a jungle with nothing but a shelter, robes and mosquito net and a bowl that he got filled up by fishermen to eat and did nothing but meditate for two years and said it was the most life changing experience. You learn so much about yourself when meditating as every action comes to from your thoughts like for example, I decided to act on the thought of not going to the meeting today and “cause” of that I got fired (That and other things cause I can’t hold down a job 😂) but the “effect” of that was I had more time to have this whole experience I never would have had. I don’t get to chat one on one to monks everyday but jobs and money comes and goes. 

I asked him how to let go of the need for so much money cause it’s greedy but without letting yourself run out of money cause gotta pay bills and shit still. He brought everything back to cause and effect. He had nothing after he quit being a monk but kept giving and had absolute faith everything would come back to him so he lived every day being kind to peopl, if he had money he would give it to people who needed it more and eventuslly he was helping an American couple adopt two Thai brothers and they thanked him with a cheque for the $100,000 he needed to open his meditation centre. It’s literally the most beautiful story and the most beautiful and welcoming place I’ve ever been. It’s a safe place for girls who would otherwise be victims of human trafficking learn and go to school and practice Buddhism and I absolutely love it.

After our lesson, I, as the angel I am, was really excited to help the kids learn English and helped them read in English and they are adorable and so polite, and then they all 5 of them walked me to the boat so I could go back to my hotel in Sukhumvit, which was a journey down the Chao Phraya river. I actually really loved teaching them in such a beautiful environment so if I never come back to UK, you know where I’ll be lol. 

I literally had the best day and it wouldn’t have happened had I just gone to work, listen to people complain, do the same thing and probably still have to fight to get paid at the end of the month lol but that’s another blog post. I tried to find the name of the place but it’s absolutely nowhere to be found Online so if you find it for me let me know so I can move in.



Friday, 12 October 2018

Femme Luxe Autumn Lookbook.

As much as seeing the days get shorter and the temperature drop is low key sad af, I am quite excited for the Autumn season. It is my favourite season purely because the leaves are pretty and I’m obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes.

It’s usually the time of year I get out the old faves of my winter jumpers and coats but I teamed up with Femme Luxe clothing to experiment with some new wardrobe staples for the cooler months ahead and really excited to show you guys. The clothes from Femme Luxe are always super feminine but have that boss bitch edge that I adore so they’re pretty much my go-to at the moment.

A couple of these have become my new fave jumpers, one because of the pretty colours (yes for mustard season being upon us) and two, because they’re super cosy and easy to wear, even just around the house.

I also got my hands on some beautiful evening pieces which I loved dressing up with heels and a cute top. Literally felt so boujee wearing these pants.

This dress is my favourite thing now because it’s super easy to throw on with a cool jacket and boots. I don’t wear dresses often at all because I usually find them too fussy but I was so comfy in this outfit.

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