Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Farmacy // London, UK.

I was so excited to be meeting my old friend who I haven't been in touch with since high school. She's since turned vegan as well and we're both living in London, so why not explore some new vegan places. My friend suggested Farmacy in Notting Hill, West London. I had heard good things about Farmacy before, but it's not normally the type of restaurant I'd choose. For one, it's quite pricey, and it's also very organic, superfoods based, whereas I like a fat burger and sugary cake. Regardless, I was super keen to have an excuse to visit and I'm sooo glad I did. This place had such great quality food and their flavour combinations are genius.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Tommy Hilfiger // 90's Popper Pants.

I'm definitely a 90's baby because isn't 90's fashion just the best? I love wearing clothes that make me feel like myself, even if it is a head turner. (As walking to the gym with the baggiest split pants down the side turned out to be!) That's a trait I've got from my mum, which is one of the many things I admire about her. She will wear whatever the F she wants regardless of what anyone thinks. Not even me. But that's what makes her feel confident which is the most important thing about fashion.

9 Lidl Vegan Finds.

The story, as ever was I needed to pick up some soya milk on the way back from gymnastics, but I got massively enticed into trawling through every aisle looking for something delicious and thought I may as well buy ALL THIS STUFF! I should have know I wasn’t gonna have a light journey back as soon as I decided to pick up one of them draggy baskets you get when you can’t be arsed carrying a basket, but it worked in my favour as I didn’t know so much stuff was vegan friendly.
I usually don’t shop at Lidl. I usually stick to Aldi cause the food is suuuuch good quality and I will do a post as well on my vegan Aldi finds but Lidl really has gone up in my stats of supermarket choice so I’m going to share with you some of the items I picked up that wouldn’t necessarily strike you as vegan friendly straight away.


Sunday, 28 May 2017

Pret's New Breakfast Pots.

In my world, there is always so much rushing around in the morning and the past few years, I have gone to the extreme to make sure that I do as little as possible in the morning so that I can spend more time pressing the snooze button. My alarm goes off at 7am, which means that I am still in bed cuddling Tom at 7.30am and from there rushing around like a mad woman to clean my teeth, condition my curls, wash my face and pick an outfit that doesn’t look that bad.
This morning, while I was on the crowded peak time 8.01 train, I realised once again I’ve skipped breakfast and as a vegan, I’m sure many of you will know that finding a decent on-the-go morning meal is really difficult, especially if you’re tight like me and don’t see the point in spending £10+ before you’ve even got to your destination. That’s why I was so happy to see that Pret have once again smashed it by bringing out these cute little vegan breakfast pots and the range has so much choice you would think you’re in a Shoreditch style hipster vegan cafe. OK, not quiteeeee but you will be so impressed with the range.
This morning between the tube and the DLR, I managed to stop off at my nearest Pret where I managed to pick up the new Mango Chia Pot and my favourite soya Chai Latte.

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