Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Farmacy // London, UK.

I was so excited to be meeting my old friend who I haven't been in touch with since high school. She's since turned vegan as well and we're both living in London, so why not explore some new vegan places. My friend suggested Farmacy in Notting Hill, West London. I had heard good things about Farmacy before, but it's not normally the type of restaurant I'd choose. For one, it's quite pricey, and it's also very organic, superfoods based, whereas I like a fat burger and sugary cake. Regardless, I was super keen to have an excuse to visit and I'm sooo glad I did. This place had such great quality food and their flavour combinations are genius.

The exterior is so cute. A typical tall West London building covered with greenery climbing up the white walls and a small outdoor dining area on the street. The indoors is even better. So many plants hanging from the ceiling and draping off the windowsills. The menu is consistent with the aesthetics as well. Even though it is a vegetarian/vegan place, I was spoilt for choice. (As much as we complain, don't you think it's overwhelming when we have more than one vegan option!) I was torn between a black bean & mushroom burger with all the trimmings or one of their Earth Bowls, a sprouted whole grain based bowl packed with veg & loads of healthy stuff. Purple Potato Mash?! I opted for the burger, only because the waiter said the magic words; "It comes with fries." Sold.

We finished off the meal with a plate of half baked cookies, which were honestly the best thing ever and came with homemade almond cream and a brownie and berry sundae AND a maca latte. I had no idea what a maca latte was before today but my friend convinced me it was great, which it was.

All in all, I had my fat burger and cakes and it was miles healthier than what I normally have. The flavours were incredible and they really knew how to make my favourite comfort foods healthy AND delicious. I would massively recommend.

Check out the full menu here.

Have you visited before? Let me know what you had while you were there in the comments below!

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