Sunday, 18 June 2017

Dress For You.


When it comes to my inspiration for fashion, my idols are not Kim Kardashian, Rihanna or in fact any other celebrity. 
Sure, their collections are to die for. If I won the lottery, I would live in Fenty x Puma or Ivy Park but bits of fabric are not what inspire me.
My fashion icon and inspiration comes from my mum. She wears some ridiculous stuff. Ridiculous as in actually crazy. I'll never forget the day she picked me up from primary school wearing the most inappropriate slogan t-shirt and 8 year old me went mad at her, but the reason she inspires me is because she wears what she wants and doesn't care what people think. My mum will break all the rules of fashion. Some days, she'll wear mismatch colours and too many accessories. Other days she'll wear jeans and a typical mum top. 
The most important message I get from the way she styles herself is wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. Other people might not like it but who cares? They have their own body to dress! For me, style is a feeling. It's walking that little bit taller down the street with your head held that much higher. It's your armour that enables you to speak up for yourself when you're usually too shy to and it's what brings us house mice out of the woodworks. Nowadays, I feel that the way you dress is your own expression and it is your own way as self acceptance. Same as accepting your sexuality, race/religion or appearance. 
When it comes to fashion, there are so many rules that we are supposed to follow, such as wearing different shaped jeans for each body type and not wearing this or that if you have bigger boobs. But who made up these rules? 

I don't stick to one style. One day I'll wear all black with slicked hair and a faux leather jacket and other days it's battered old jeans and trainers. One day 90s styling and the next day bang on trend and up to date. I like to think I take after my mum with my sense of style because if I like an item or wearing an item in a certain way, I will wear it that way. I think as a dancer, I have more freedom to do so but there should be no limits to what makes you feel best. 

When I was younger, I would dress to blend in. My family bought me the most beautiful dresses that I'd die to fit into now but I one day decided that I wouldn't wear them anymore because no one else was wearing cutesy floral dresses. Everyone else wore jeans and a cool top and I wanted to be like them. My mums famous words as I was throwing them all away was 'you won't want to look like everyone else when you're older'.

What are your tips for feeling confident in what you wear? Comment below!

Photography by: Rob Hawthorn



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