Friday, 9 June 2017

H&M Home.


Your home shows your personality and is your escape from the outside world at the end of the day. Your own safe haven sanctuary, your small piece of the world. 

I am obsessed with home ware. I want to dress up my home with the same pride I take when I put on an outfit. It's so much more than a roof over your head. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can spend more time dreaming away in Ikea than trying on makeup and my Pinterest is full of cute interior designs. 

H&M has started to produce homeware and I never thought to look in there before. I thought once you've seen one high street homeware range, you've seen it all but H&M has really outdone itself. I visited their store in Stratford Westfield and was blown away. Tom, my boyfriend, had to sit down on one of the furniture displays because I took my time to appreciate everything in there. There was so many cute throws and cushion covers I want to save up for and their candles and kitchen stuff are to die for.

I'm sharing some of the things I bought. I can't really afford to be splashing but I couldn't resist these cute items.

It's absolutely not me to be splashing out on a candle but this mahogany candle could easily pass as Jo Malone. It smells so rich and best of all is all black (to match my soul), like even the wax & wick are all black, so it's ultimately the best candle in existence. It set me back £10 but will burn for 40 hours, and I've noticed that even if I have it just not burning without its adorable wooden lid on, it fills my room with fragrance. (That and the jasmine flowers that are in the picture that I photographed it with) It looked so perfectly aesthetic with this matte black vase as well so had to take that home with me too. 

I really did try to leave without buying this dusky pink cushion as well, but that really did not happen the way I planned, so this is my new cushion. I fell in love with the texture and the almost antique-y vibe of it. 

How adorable are these pillows? I absolutely could not leave them behind, especially being that annoying couple that me and Tom are. 

I also just found out about the H&M Club, which when you join, you are given 20% off your first purchase, along with other regular savings offers, so I bagged all of this great stuff for just over £50. An absolute bargain for how happy everything has made me. 

What's on your home ware wish list?



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