Sunday, 27 August 2017

Indonesia, Bebe Rexha & SCTV.


Phoebe Raye & Olivia Beckford

Phoebe Raye & Olivia Beckford

So, it's been two days since I got back from Indonesia and the mosquito bites are finally starting to show. Here's me thinking I got away with it. Thankfully, they haven't swollen to the size of tennis balls just yet so hopefully they're not the breed I'm allergic to. 

Anyway, the latest gig was a bit of a sweet deal. We got flown to Jakarta to perform live on SCTV backing Bebe Rexha. We stayed at Hotel Borobudur in Central Jakarta, a 5 star hotel with pool, spa and 4 restaurants and all meals (and poolside snacks) were covered by Warner so yes, we had a lovely time. Usually, me and Liv stock up on fruit and bread rolls from the free breakfast for the day to save money. LOL. Didn't have to do any of that this time. Didn't even go down to breakfast. I ordered room service every morning. LOLOLOL. 
We flew on the Monday, landed on the Tuesday and only had to perform on Thursday so it was the first time we actually got a day off scheduled. I was so jet lagged however, that I slept in til 3pm and after the slowest lunch service at one of the restaurants, we decided it was time to leave. This was 5pm. 

Anyway, we wandered down a different street than usual and found ourselves at the National Monument of Jakarta. On route, we got stopped every 5 minutes by people asking for photos, even the police. We were the only mixed race people there, so they were fascinated. That and Liv dyed her hair green so that too. LOL.
Of course, we didn't leave without buying a coconut to drink from and a tuk-tuk ride back to the hotel, which apparently I got ripped off for because I don't understand Indonesian money. 

The show itself was a really fun live TV performance for SCTV's 27th anniversary event. It was the first time that we had set our own spacing for a TV environment. We luckily had a screen facing us to refer to, which pretty much never happens. Bebe performed 4 songs, Me, Myself & I, I Got You, In The Name of Love and The Way I Are. Bebe wore a stunning red suit and we wore Forever 21 black jumpsuits and covered up with a black tee. 

The whole experience was so worth the 48 hour round trip and I definitely hope to be back in Indonesia again.


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