Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Redemption Bar, Notting Hill.

Hey guys,

Me again.

I've been so excited that there are so many people still asking me about my own vegan lifestyle and tips for staying healthy, but the most important thing is that people are making an effort which is amazing.

I recently unexpectedly won a competition for a free meal at Redemption Bar for posting a brilliant, inspired Instagram post (me standing in front of the gold graffiti angel wings outside) which I didn't even realise was a competition at the time until I got a DM saying congratulation you win. And I never win anything so it's kinda a big deal.

Anyway, I was really excited to go to the Notting Hill branch of Redemption Bar because 1. it's in a posh area of London and 2. FREE FOOD!

I've been once before to the Shoreditch branch and do think that while there are hundreds of amazing stalls and vegan cafes, there aren't too many sit down restaurant evening meal places but Redemption is one of the few.

I decided to take Tom with me, because you know, girlfriend duties and after being 25 minutes late, we both ordered some amazing food and smoothies.

Redemption Bar is famous for serving alcohol free, sugar free, animal free food and drinks so we went with two of the Superhero Shakes and Tom had a BBQ Jackfruit Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges and Slaw while I went with the most expensive thing on the menu (while it's free) which was the Asparagus & Spinach Black Rice Risotto. I'd never had a risotto like it before but trusted it would be good and it didn't disappoint. I definitely think that you so often hear as a vegan how limited your options must be but I've never tried more foods since becoming vegan and I type that while sitting here eating leftover Zizzi's pizza from last night and Tom's mum's vegan chocolate fudge cake with Swedish Glace ice cream so there's that.

We didn't plan on spending money but I could NOT resist the raw banoffee pie & Tom was tempted by the cacoa hot chocolate. Both well worth the extra tenner.

There's so many exciting new vegan events and restaurants coming up so I will defo be posting more & more in the coming weeks. 

Let me know in the comment section where's good that is coming soon!


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