Sunday, 22 October 2017

Algarve, Portugal.

Now that my tan's successfully starting to fade, I think it's about time I uploaded a little sum'n sum'n on my holiday to Portugal. Yes, holiday for a change. No call times to adhere to, no costume to squeeze into, nothing but time to myself. Well, ourselves seeing as I went with my family who I never get to see so the yearly holiday is always one to remember. 

I was supposed to fly out to Portugal for 7 nights which ended up actually only being 3 nights as I HAD to rearrange my flight when I got the opportunity to dance for Demi Lovato that needed to take priority. Sorry, Mum!

I got a Monarch flight from Gatwick to Faro which I booked very last minute for less than £70 and throughout the 3 hour flight, I slept like a baby. I had to be fair come straight from the show with Demi to the airport with just a 3 hour stop off at home to essentially pick up my suitcase. When I landed, I got a taxi from Faro airport to Vilamoura which only took around 30 minutes. What shook me was that there is NO time difference between here and Portugal which is unheard of on holiday so I barely got a chance to be jetlagged. That and because I needed to see everything at once. 

When I met up with my family who had already been there for 4 nights, we took the local bus down to the Harbour where we saw the docked millionaire's yauchts, went down to the beach and ate vegan sorbet. One thing I will complain about though is the absolute non-existance of vegan food. The first day I ate nothing but the vegan sorbet and two bowls of cereal at the apartment we were staying at. My stepdad thought ahead to get me in my soya milk, thank God. Apart from the abismal food choice, I had the loveliest time chilling by the pool, walks on the beach and reading this book, 99 Red Balloons by Elisabeth Carpenter. Would absolutely recommend as what is better than a thriller about a kidnap (as long as it's fictional of course.)

The second day, we went on a boat trip to the sea caves of Algarve. Essentially the reason we wanted to go. They are so beautiful and included the swim up one with the beach inside and it was every bit as beautiful as it looks in photos. Unfortunately it was an hour boat ride from the harbour, and when we stopped on the boat, they decided the seas were too rough to stop so we couldn't swim to them. We could only get photos from the boat, which at this time it was rocking so manically I had to lie down to stop from throwing up over the edge so the photos I got were pretty limited. 

My second disappointing meal of the trip was a dry jacket potato with beans. Yup, seriously. I did make it up with another vegan sorbet from Amorino which has a chocolate sorbet and the cone is vegan too. After a brief look around the shops, me and Mum got the bus back to the resort which took a fancier route through Old Town. Basically where the millionaires holiday, as it was nothing but white villas, private pools & fancy cars. Not. At. All. Jealous.

The final day, we went to the town of Loule where the town was so up my street. After a visit to the local gypsy markets, we explored the rest of the town. It was the typical European cobbled side streets and photogenic buildings that made me fall in love. Most importantly, I went and found myself a vegan restaurant!! It was called Vegan Joe's and was tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the streets below. It served the most delicious refreshing pink lemonade and the first coffee I'd been able to have as a soya latte. 
The menu was just as good with everything from faux meat junk food to healthy salads and some traditional Portugese dishes made vegan. I started by sharing the Trio Colore tortilla chips with dips including guacamole, houmous & baba ganoush with my mum. I then had a dish which in Portugese is called Alho Frances a Bras, which is apparently their take on a fish dish, but substituted for vegetables and it was really really good.  We finished off the meal with a beautiful mango vegan cheesecake, which was actually delicious. 

I would definitely recommend visiting the Algarve in Portugal. It's so underrated and we went in the low season so everything was cheap but I'd definitely bring some microwave noodles next time. LOL.

Let me know if you're planning to visit anytime soon in the comments! 



  1. this looks so beautiful - would love some sun right about now. My sister-in-law-to-be is Portuguese and the wedding is in Portugal next year, excited to visit for the first time :)

  2. Oh it looks gorgeous there! Glad you managed to find a vegan restaurant, my mum is vegetarian and she's basically have to live on chips and ice cream when we went on holiday...


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