Sunday, 19 November 2017

Vegan in Barcelona.

So I'm back in the UK and already missing some of my favourite restaurants ever from the city of Barcelona. I would walk back for some of these cakes and ice cream and burritos and paella and omgggggg. 

So yeah.

Get it together.

Seeing as food is the most important thing in life, here's a cheeky summary of what we ate in Barcelona, yes in 3 nights. LOL.

Flax & Kale

Of course, the first stop on our journey was Flax and Kale. I'm just now realising that we actually didn't go to the flagship one. We went to the one based at the top floor of a H&M. A New York style interior overlooking the roads of the busiest streets in Barcelona. 
It's safe to say I was overwhelmed with the choice of cold pressed juices, plant based cakes and hot foods. We ate a "Bacon and Cheese" Bagel, a black forest gateaux & chocolate cake and had a cacao shake and "Berlin" juice. All of it well worth the money. The bagel was the best thing EVERRR. The cheese actually tasted like swiss cheese to the point we had to double check the label. Later into the break, we went back and ordered more cakes including the tofu cheesecake and vegan pear and chocolate muffin. Yeah, I'm not joking when I say we went all out! LOL. 

If we had more time, it would have been the perfect place to set up camp at one of the marble tables, order a coffee & cake and blog the day away. 

Make sure to check the labels on your food as it is not 100% vegan. It's marketed as a flexitarian restaurant and does serve fish that is, well, fish. 

Dolce Pizza & Los Veganos

A fair walk away from the main streets of Barcelona is this pizzeria that serves a HUGE choice of pizzas with vegan cheese & faux meat toppings, as well as a great choice of other things. It's a very speakeasy style cafe with minimalist interior and the prices are very cheap. 

We tried the BBQ hotdog & a "prosciutto" pizza. When ordering, make sure you specify vegan as they do serve dairy cheeses also. 

La Heladeria Mexicana

What is a chilling by the beach session reading a book without ice cream. We vegans have to miss out so often on this simple pleasure, and are usually stuck with the sorbet alternative, but not in Barcelona. Less than a 5 minute walk from the sandy beach is La Helederia Mexicana, and I suggest you go. Everything is super cheap and their range of vegan ice cream is intensive. I tried the chilli chocolate flavour (soooooper spicy!), a scoop of avocado flavour (to cool down my tongue ofc) and a raspberry & coconut flavour because just yes. Tom had the Banana Split flavour with a brownie after we devoured our seitan fajita quasadillas and burritos, fully loaded nachos and horchata lemonade. It was so good we had to go back a second time... third if you count the time we tried but it was shut.

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar

If you go to one place to eat during your Spanish travels, I suggest it be here. We couldn't go to Barcelona and leave without having the authentic experience of Paella & Sangrias... and this place is doing it riiiight. Inside, it looks like any other rustic European restaurant but inside, the vibe is relaxed with Spanish music playing in the background. It's amazing. 
It is a completely vegan restaurant but on Thursdays only, they do a paella dish with vegan shrimps and it's no less authentic than having a real seafood dish. The sangrias were perfect and we even ordered a few tapas dishes for luck. We didn't eat dessert but the dessert menu is mainly raw and very healthy. You know.. if you're into that. 


Not far from the main area of the Gothic Quarter is CatBar, an all vegan pub that serves burgers with the most to die for double fried potatoes. You basically build your own burger and have the option for fried potato or salad, but fried potato obvs, and can accompany it with a vegan beer. Not our cup of tea, so went with a coke. 
Would highly recommend for lunch as a midday meal and then somewhere fancier for dinner. Liiike....

Cafe Tenderete

For their delicious cocktails and special all vegan tapas to die for. For just 13 euros, you get 6 beautiful dishes ranging from raw cabbage ravioli (tastes hella nicer than it sounds) and thai red curry to the worlds creamiest hummus (by my account) and eggplant bruschetta. 
  It was very dimly lit but was a very authentic experience which was lovely and you cannot go to Spain without eating tapas. It's the law. 

We genuinely could have stayed for weeks just eating at a different vegan restaurant for every meal but we had to come home eventually but I definitely would not be against a trip back. Even just for the cakes & coffee.

Have I been a wally and missed out a cracking place? 

Let me know in the comments so I can face palm myself.

Phe x



  1. Did you get yourself a ultra hip Cat Bar t-shirt? The cheetah and I would definitely be found there...but we both said "NO" to tofu cheesecake

    1. Hey,

      Nooo, I didn't get a t-shirt unfortunately. ALL my money went on eating the food. LOL. Didn't try any of the desserts but a tofu cheesecake done well is usually amazing!!

  2. My friend is vegan and off to Barca next year so this will be great for herto read x

    1. Yes, pleeeease share it with her. All these places are so good.

  3. It's great that you were able to try Vegan in Barcelona. The pizza place sounds great, I enjoy Vegan meals :)

  4. Wow the vegan hot dog sounds nice, and it's good that you didn't have to miss out on ice cream x

  5. Cafe Tenderete sounds divine and really good in terms of value for money with the dishes. I would never have guessed there were so many vegan places to eat in Barcelona x

    1. I'd say that was one of my favourites. SUCH an authentic experience and there were so many I didn't even get to try in my stay

  6. Wow I've never seen vegan food look so appealing never seen so many choices before

  7. Wow who knew there were so many vegan places to eat in Barcelona! I would have imagined the choices would be limited but clearly I was wrong! Now if only some of these places existed over in the UK!

  8. Whilst I am not a vegan, these places sound so amazing that I wouldn't hesitate in going to them all!! Especially the Cat Bar

    1. You should definitely visit if you get the chance!!

  9. I'm not a vegan, but I'd totally eat at all of those places - the food sounds delicious!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, so much amazing food. Those nachos look immense x

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  12. WOW! WOW! WOW! Somewhere to put on my travel list of places to go :) looks absolutely amazing. Glad to see your lips aren't swollen anymore, they looked really sore :(! Have a fab time on the Cruise Barcelona nightlife

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