Sunday, 26 November 2017

My Hypnotherapy Experience.

Hey guys,

It's me.

But an un-fucked me.


So this is a little different from my normal posts because I rarely talk to anyone, period. And even less about my anxiety. Or more specifically social anxiety.

I'm going to try and keep this brief but the way I've changed now makes me feel like I just wanna talk and talk and talk to make up for the fact I've like... not for 22 years.

If I've had a conversation with you ever, you'll have realised that I am really. fucking. awkward. Like more than a normal person and talking to people, socialising or even responding to a text made me nervous. Yep, tragic.

I heard about hypnotherapy from a 
family friend and I went online to have a look for myself, and found that it's actually super expensive for someone to unwire your brain, so I turned to my best friend, Groupon. Which I order everything from, always.

I found a South London based hypnotherapist who was providing a session for 15% of his normal rate, so I sent him over a quick message and I was booked in for the week after and I was sooo excited.

So hypnotherapy is not a swinging pocket watch and "look into my eyes", all he did was talk to me and I did three meditative exercises. 

That was it.

The whole thing lasted an hour and a half, as he went over as he saw we were making good progress. 

He asked me to recall a memory that made me feel uneasy and when we returned back to the same memory, I felt so neutral about it and totally disconnected to it like it was a different person. I even had to think, am I just saying this, but I definitely wasn't. We also speaked very briefly about general anxiety issues which is super common in dancers, and he made me feel a lot better about that and I haven't felt any anxiety since. I literally make him sound like a miracle worker!

Outfit Details:
Knitted jumpsuit from Brick Lane Indoor Market 
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Location: BoxPark Croydon

I really did feel the difference instantly. I left feeling so much 'bigger' is the only way I could describe it. I felt physically taller. Lol, is that even possible. I went straight to a dance class from my session where I spoke so easily to so many people and was just happy to feel comfortable in this environment.

So yeah, I would highly recommend this above ANY self help books, lavender oil or breathing exercises. Just get it done. Of course, the results vary from person to person and you've got to really want it and focus in your sessions, which I found to be pretty easy anyway as it's something I've wanted to change about myself for yearsssss!
I feel so much more confident, even just writing this post. I'm usually nervous about putting my work out and promoting myself, but this really doesn't feel as big of a deal as it used to. I'm definitely going to go to one of the follow up sessions as well.

If you are interested go visit and send my therapist Dr Javaid Sarwar an email to talk through anything.

All photos taken on Olympus Pen EPL-7


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