Wednesday, 8 November 2017

What We Did in Barcelona.

I’ve wanted to travel to Barcelona for such a long time and have always been too anxi to book a flight and just do it. It sounds so daft, but as a dancer, you literally NEVER know when your next job is, what auditions you might miss or when you’ll get called for the job you auditioned for months ago, which is why travelling has had to take a back seat in my life. The RyanAir seat sale was exactly the push I needed to just go. On a whim, I booked two flights, one for myself and one for Tom and just decided to go for it, and for a total of £40 that I’d normally spend in a day on coffee and dinner out, there was no excuse. I decided, if I did get the job of my dreams, I can always just not turn up for my flight and miss out on the £20 return fare. Only thing I’d have to deal with is Tom being mad that he’d have to go alone, but he is super supportive so would want me to do what’s best.

Luckily, I had the dates free so a few weeks later, we packed our stuff and headed off to Stansted. When we first landed, the first port of call was to arrange some airport transfers, which I never remember to do in advance and always end up walking around the destination airport confused and asking directions. (Slow claps for Feebs…) but we managed to get a cheap bus to Barcelona City Centre, which was just 5 euros each. On arrival into the city, we were met with the most beautiful architecture and mopeds whirring around the roads and it was sooo classic European. 

We relied on Citymapper the whole time to get us from A to B and it was a 30 minute walk from where we were dropped to our hotel, which actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds considering we had the chance to stop off at pretty much every designer shop in the way and found our first of many vegan cafes. FLAX & KALE!!

After climbing what was a stairway to heaven to the top floor of a H&M, we were met with marble tables, pretty views and a juice fridge with every cold pressed juice imaginable. Absolute. Instagram. Goals. I’m going to do a separate post about all the vegan food we ate there, cause trust me it was a lotttt and also don’t want this post to go on for 3 days. 

We walked down the main avenue of Barcelona to get to the street we were staying on called Avinguda Diagonal, or Diagon Alley if you’re me and Tom and massive Harry Potter geeks. Lol

We got to Vincci Mae hotel which was my choice and I loved because it was not only was the room SOO beautiful but it had a rooftop pool and bar which was the location for so many photoshoots. After dropping our bags, we made our way to the rooftop for the first sangria of many & snacks. I had just finished Sober October and was in desperate need of something sweet & alcoholic and it genuinely made my soul melt at the first sip. You know them ones, lol. We then got changed & walked down to a nearby vegan pizza place we saw on the instagram account @veganbarcelona but I was already full from all the cakes I ate from Flax and Kale not long before, so just told Tom I wasn't hungry then stole some of his hotdog & pizza as girlfriends do.

The next day, we woke up bright and early and soya latte in hand made our way down to the Sagrada Familia, which yes, I finally figured out the real name of it if you watched the vlog..oops. 
But the cathedral, though still unfinished was mind blowing. It is definitely my favourite cathedral, and I’ve seen a lot. Lol. It’s defo one for the bucket list if it’s not on there already. 

After taking about 500 pictures of it, we walked down to the beach, not intentionally really, we were just wandering around but found the main beach of Barcelona and set up camp and a camera to film some tricks.

I'd had quite enough of walking so convinced Tom that we should buy a travel card so we can see more of the city faster and conserve some calories for Winter. You can get what's called a T10 pass which works on the subway, buses, rail and trams and you get 10 journeys for just under 10 euros. The subway is pretty confusing but we used CityMapper and asked staff for help which they were really helpful with. We decided to go for the authentic Spanish experience of eating paella and drinking sangria, oh so cultured. We found out about a place near the beach which was all vegan and did paellas on Thursdays so we had to dress up and go. I wore the my Ralph Lauren vintage shirt dress which I found at Blitz London just off Brick Lane, and dressed it up with hoop earrings, a waist belt and my thigh high boots. I also had to steal Tom's new ray-bans to complete the look. He wasn't happy. 


The Gothic Quarter x

The morning after stumbling into the hotel room tipsy from a night of strong Spanish sangrias, we took the 15 minute bus from just outside our hotel down to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The bus ride alone was beautiful and the streets were already busy with tourists and locals going about their business. The Gothic Quarter is one of the most photogenic locations and is full of stunning buildings and cobbled streets. We stopped for coffee at a place called Cervantes which did delicious soya lattes that tasted like hazelnuts (yum) then did a spot of shopping at some cool trainer shops and took a million photos. 

"Dis bihhh don't stop drinking"

In true Spanish tradition, we went back to the hotel for a siesta (or if you're me, red wine by the pool in a bikini) at the massively appropriate time of 4pm. Thank you, alcoholic tendencies. 


In the evening, we went for cocktails and tapas at a dimly lit bar so couldn't get many photos, but we had a great time. The absolute highlight of the trip was the food. It is so easy to be vegan in this city and the atmosphere is my favourite so far. 

But above that it was so good to get away with Tom and just forget about filming & working & dancing and just enjoy being together and creating memories.

If you haven't already, please check out the vlog of what we did and what we saw and keep a look out for my full post on all the amazing vegan restaurants!

Til next time. 

Phe & Tom x



  1. It's great to know that there are so many fantastic vegan places over there - I have added them to my Barcelona inspiration list. I am definitely thinking that we have to get there next year if we find the chance between other get aways.

  2. I love Barcelona, such a great place to visit. So glad you took the plunge and decided to risk travelling x

  3. Barcelona has been on my wish list for ages so I definitely want to head there, I can't believe how cheap your flights were, although I'd be worried about flying with Ryanair now x

  4. Full marks for braving Ryanair! Fabulous photos and I love your style - and especially those boots.

  5. Barcelona is on my travel bucket list - hope to visit one day! Sounds like you had an amazing time

  6. Oh wow it looks such a fantastic place, I would so love to visit. Looks like you had an amazing time. Kaz

  7. Ah so exciting that there are lots of vegan places! You’ve taken some fabulous shots, so model like! X

  8. Looks like you had a great tine. I've never been to Barcelona

  9. Ahhh I want to go to Barcelona so much! If I ever manage to get there I might have to check out this list!

  10. I would love to visit Barcelona, I went years ago with my parents and vaguely remember it so it was be fab to do it properly this time

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