Thursday, 22 March 2018

7 Lessons I Learnt in LA*

*This post is a collaboration with Panasonic and all views reflect my own*

So this blog post is mad late. A month and a half late tbh and I don't even have an excuse for it except that I've been sad that I'm no longer in LA. It was a trip I NEEDED at this point in my life and I'm glad I had the opportunity to capture every moment with the new LUMIX G DC-G9L Compact System Camera. It's more professional than my usual little digital camera but this upgrade really helped me to capture these perfect moments and as a blogger it's made me a lot more proud of my photography so hope you like the collection I took on this new Mirrorless 12-60mm Lens Camera

I was going to write up what we did and where we went but it felt more important to write about some little but important things I took from my trip and think it would make for a more interesting read for you guys rather than the usual "then, I went to Runyon Canyon, then I went to Venice beach", so if you're looking for a guide to LA, this isn't it, but please keep scrolling for my favourite photos and maybe a bit of inspo for yourself. PEACE! 

Successful people don't GO to work

If you are going to work in the same place and do the same thing over and over FOR the same outcome of a achieving someone else's dream, are you really reaching your highest success? Imaging putting that effort into reaching your own dreams and goals and think where you could be. A lot of people living in LA are super successful because they did what they love to do, whether that be dance, music or business they are happy people with a dream life. So long as you put your heart into something, it WILL be successful and is more than possible.

Everyone is someone.

I mean this just works as a general rule for life and I think where a lot of us go wrong is we place people into categories of 'relevant' and 'irrelevant', especially when you are striving of your own goals to make money, create a business out of your passionate or just to get to the next step. However, in LA, everyone has a story that they are willing to share. I've found in London that we don't speak to each other and help each other reach our goals which when you deep it is so strange because two minds are better than one and it takes a while to realise, but when you do, the possibilities are endless. 

It's possible to meet your future best friend in a lift

We met some amazing people while we were in LA, but yep, we ended up meeting a friend for life in the apartment we were staying in, in a lift and within 30 seconds, we were already best of friends and went to Runyon Canyon together the following day LOL. We ended up hiking, going to the cinema, cooking together and most fun, learning to shoot a gun at LA gun range. Definitely fate and definitely not a skill I'm going to need to upkeep. LOLz.

It's so easy to be vegan

I know that it's easy to be vegan ANYWAY but in LA there really is no excuse to be eating animal products for convenience. I didn't ever go into any store or cafe and not have an amazing choice of vegan food. We stayed in Downtown LA and there was somewhere totally vegan or had a great vegan option on every corner. We had some amazing vegan cookie butter ice cream from Little Damage which was on our doorstep and apparently a big deal on instagram, which was to die for. We loved going to Wholefoods Market though, and stocking up on loads of vegan freezer foods (frozen vegan orange chicken though WHAAT) and a huge selection of ice cream and cakes and salad bar and pizzas. It was heaven and I cannot wait to get back, thanks

I'm more than capable of achieving my dreams

When I first moved to London, I wrote a list of everything I wanted to achieve in my dance career. I have a lot of the list ticked off so I started to dream bigger and write down what I wanted to achieve if there were no limits. One of them goals was to sign with my dream agency, BLOC LA. Bloc has so many incredible dancers on their books and I would always study their talent and watch what they were doing, what classes they were taking, how their instagram and portfolio pictures looked and tried to apply it to myself so that one day I could be considered for that agency. Three years on, while I was in LA, me and my opposite Oliviah were knocking on Bloc's door, CV in hand and decided we were not getting back on the flight to London without an LA agent and we had our hearts set on Bloc. We were determined and sent emails, called up and finally got a meeting with their head agent! We were so excited to meet her and we had an amazing conversation in her office overlooking the Hollywood sign and she said she would love to sign us to Bloc!! Obviously we had to be cool af in front of her but once the door closed behind us, you should have seen our celebration milly rock. HAHAHAHA. It's definitely a moment I'm really proud of and has taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to and allowed me to dream even bigger, so next step is to get my VISA and get my ass back to LA!!

The sun makes everything better

This doesn't really need an explanation, but we all have those days where we're feeling super unproductive and hazy and just wanna shut down and try again tomorrow, but even on days where something went wrong at home or I just wasn't 100% happy, at least, if I did nothing else that day, I could throw on a bikini and sit on a rooftop somewhere by the pool and just relax and be in the moment. LOL. Probably not something I should make a habit of once I'm trying to start a career there but every now and then, it's cool to relax and unwind in THE most glamorous way possible. 

Sitting in a public space allows you to meet SOO many new people

We would often have breaks between meetings or classes so we'd just sit in a Starbucks and watch the world go by, and I dunno if it was because we were the only girls in shorts in January (lol, it's their Winter too) but 20 degrees C is still hot for us, people! but we got approached by loads of people who just found us interesting. We met a girl who was a photographer who'd had her car stolen but was the happiest person ever, a girl who was "not with the sh*t" as she described in her own words, and a guy who was a club promoter who had a huge Great Dane called Audrey Hepburn who had painted toenails and walked with no lead like she wasn't just a horse wandering round LA, but all these people made a boring few hours with nothing else to do so much more interesting for sure. 

Talking to people is actually nice

I definitely miss riding the subway and the person next to me turning to me and striking up a conversation about anything and it becoming the most interesting journey of my life, which would never, ever happen in London. LOL. 


Saturday, 10 March 2018

ChinUp Review.

Guys, it's been a minute. Since my last blog post, I've spent a month in LA setting up my life (requires it's own blog post), bought a house (again, requires it's own blog post) and hit up the BRIT after party with Jax Jones. (Not gonna be a whole blog post but was still amazing.) 

I thought I'd ease my way back into this blogger life with a quick review of the ChinUp treatment by Up Yours. I was sent this trial pack for review purposes but all opinions reflect me own.

The product claims to reduce the appearance of a double chin and tighten the skin around the jaw. I was of course skeptical about this product because it seemed waaay too good to be true but there's definitely no harm in giving it a go.

The pack included two masks that you apply and a chin strap to tighten it and keep it on your face.

I measured the area of my chin fat (lol, it was 13cm if you're interested) then applied the sheet mask on my jaw and chin area. You have to wait 30 minutes while the solution warms on your face and gets to work. The chin strap was comfortable enough to wear for the whole 30 minutes so I managed to get some VISA work done while waiting. When I removed it, I could see a difference and the skin on my chin and neck felt softer and smoother and definitely tighter. When I measured my chin again, I had dropped 1.5cm which I'd say is pretty impressive from a non-surgical procedure you can do at home. I will definitely be using again in the future.

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