Sunday, 29 April 2018

WhiteGlo Teeth Whitening.

Hey people,

A quick one as I was recently sent the White Glo at home teeth whitening treatment and wanted to share my opinion because clearly everyone cares so much about my opinion LOOOOL.

I have never used any home treatments for teeth whitening before and have been really sceptical about using them before, so have always booked in for lazer teeth whitening at the dentists, which sets me back about £80 a time minimum (and that's my hustler ways on Groupon ) lol. So, I was defo into finding a way to reel in that expense.

I got sent this Teeth Whitening Kit from White Glo and it is a LED teeth whitening kit, which comes with gel and mouthpiece, so there's no messy prep. All you do is squeeze the gel into the mouthpiece, pop on the light and leave it in your mouth for 10 minutes and it's as simple as that. It even turns the light off itself so you really can just get on with your life and it's one thing ticked off the to-do list. The kit was originally developed for actors and models and I can see why, as it fits so easily into our busy schedule as a performer. 

I use my kit twice a week as part of my evening routine and have already seen such a difference in my smile.

Check them out on Instagram here

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