Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Turmeric Matcha Green Tea with PureChimp*


 It is seriously hot in London right now in case you haven’t noticed so I’m so glad I recently got gifted this amazing Turmeric Matcha Green Tea powder from PureChimp to make a healthy refreshing latte whenever I please. 

 The boost of Turmeric not only fights disease but also aids in muscle recovery so it’s great to supplement with your training whether you’re in the gym, dancing or going for the morning jog. 

 I love Matcha Green Tea and have been using it for a while, mainly mixing with smoothies but I haven’t really used the pure powder before for lattes because I’ve found it to have a bitter taste, but this powder from PureChimp has a very subtle taste so you can easily have this recipe unsweetened if you choose. 

Matcha is crazy high in antioxidants and is even proven to have anti-ageing properties if you know, you’re into that. 

 Check out this easy recipe I used to make this Turmeric Matcha Green Tea below: 

PureChimp Turmeric Matcha Green Tea Powder* 
Unsweetened Soya Milk 
Agave Syrup (Optional) 

 1. Blend 1 tsp of PureChimp Powder with a cup of unsweetened soya milk until no lumps are visible. 

 2. Add ice to the mixture and blend well. 

3. Squeeze in around a tsp of agave syrup for a sweeter taste and stir well 

4. Pour the mixture over ice and top with cold soya milk if needed.




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