Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Before and After 2 Weeks in Bangkok.

I’m currently writing this from my plane seat somewhere between London Gatwick and Dubai. I’ve spent the past month selling and getting rid of all my stuff and moving out of my Croydon apartment which I’ve become waaaay too attached to the past 3 years. It’s been embarrassingly emotional. 

I’ve realised how little I actually need so much stuff, especially when being hit with a £220 bill for my overweight bag at the airport when I already had got rid of basically everything, now on reflection I realised I probably could have binned 50% of my belongings and bought it all back and probs save money but I didn’t want to so lesson learnt. It’s definitely a bit of a culture shock for me this solo travelling thing and I definitely don’t have a backpack, only my Michael Kors bag which is already proving my trustiest lol. I’ve decided not to be mad seeing as I can’t change it now anyway and just got paid more than I was expecting to get cause I’m guessing the universe works this way. 

I’m on my way to Thailand on my own and I’m so excited. I’ve been saying how much I want to travel in my life and have been holding myself back from this goal because I’ve been so tied up and basically dedicated my life to work. I’ve been working as a backing dancer in London which has been an absolute dream but I have been doing so much putting off the other things I want to do in life so it’s just eventually time to snap out of that. I’m starting off in Thailand and I basically have very little plans. I have an open return ticket from London to Bangkok, and am basically living one month at a time. It helps to know I have no rent responsibilities or schedule to stick to and it’s totally up to me what I do from here and I absolutely love that. 

I haven’t travelled completely by myself before except for work so it’s a big jump for me and also when (or if) I return to London I’ll have to do the whole flat search and “settle down” phase so I’m definitely not massively interested in that this month so we will re-evaluate next month. Or year technically cause we’re in December now.

I’m really excited to be jumping into the unknown. I don’t even know where I’m going when I land but whatever happens I’m sure I’ll figure it out and be okay. 

Let’s do this!! 

Thailand one week later

Meditation and life lessons from a monk, getting my eyelashes done by a ladyboy, taught an English lesson to Thai children, learnt to haggle at Chatuchak weekend market, lived off papaya, yellow watermelon, coconuts and guava, I am basically a human coconut at this point through my coconut intake and I am obsessed with mango sticky rice. It’s Christmas Day today and it’s the first Christmas I’ve spent on my own and I’ve loved it. As much as it doesn’t look like it I know, I’ve been working my ass off recently and as I’ve been meditating I’ve noticed that my minds really still unsettled and trying to do a million things at once and because of it I really struggle to be in the present moment. I thought it would be so important for me that for Christmas I don’t do ANYTHING remotely work related. No training session, no emails, no instagram (I tried lol), nothing business related. I tried to pay attention to when my mind was trying to panic me into doing something and when I’d go to do something, I’d have to force myself not to, so I guess this is kind of me admitting to being a workaholic lol. 

But today I went shopping cause everything functions as a normal day here and went to get one present for myself. I knew I wanted a book from this book store I passed by and instead ending up coming home with two books, 3 different teas, fruit, organic coconut oil and I definitely treated myself to a charcoal coconut ice cream in terminal21, which is a dangerous and addictive shopping mall and I’m not even a shopper lol. 

I spent the rest of the day reading by the pool and grabbed a salad as my Christmas dinner then went for a Thai massage which was the craziest experience. There was a Thai lady dragging me and it was frigging hilarious but exactly what my body needed. She like stretched out all my body and cracked my toes it was mad. Lol. 

I’m defo facing some challenges travelling alone as I have to deal with everything myself and the weather is telling me to sit my ass down and do nothing but I’m loving every second.

Next stop Ayutthaya. 

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